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The Truck shop was formed by Thomas Boyle in 1987, in Dallastown, PA. It began in a 3,300 square foot building where Thomas preformed general repairs on trucks, trailers and buses. In 1989, Thomas Boyle married and his wife, Karen, came on board working right alongside him assisting him in repairing everything from engines to complete bottom rails. The growing business hired an employee. In 1994, due to growth that required a larger facility, The Truck Shop moved from Dallastown to a 7,000 square foot building in York City. The growing business employed eight people. The Truck Shop continued to do repairs and maintenance on trucks, trailers and buses. Three service trucks were added to service vehicles on their customer’s premises and perform road calls.

1996 brought about the need for a facility in Connecticut. The shop was opened to service and maintain the trucks and trailers of a customer who operated a terminal there. This location had four employees and one service truck.

As The Truck Shop continued to thrive, it again felt the need to move to a larger facility. In 2000, they moved from the York City location to Board Road in Manchester Township. The 10,000 square foot building allowed them to be easily accessible off the major interstate in York. They grew to twelve employees and three service trucks.

The year 2001 rendered another major change for The Truck Shop. They purchased Jones & Sipe, Inc. Jones & Sipe brought with it a fifty-year history of heavy-duty framework, alignments, and suspension repairs, as well as a parts department that sold suspension parts for most makes and models of vehicles. Jones & Sipe had eleven employees and was located on Prospect Street in York.

The Connecticut facility was closed in 2002 due to the customer’s moving their terminal from Connecticut to York, PA. With no terminal in Connecticut there was no need to keep that branch of The Truck Shop open.

The Truck Shop merged with Jones & Sipe in 2003. They were incorporated and became known as The Truck Shop, Inc. With the combination of both companies, the parts department added a variety of new product lines to its inventory. The service department was now capable of completing any work on trucks with the exception of bodywork. The trailer shop is still able to perform complete trailer rebuilding.

As the company continued to grow, there was a need, once again, for a larger facility. In 2005 the truck repair shop, parts department and offices moved to its 55,000 square foot current location on Queen Street in York. The Board Road location remains and all the trailer work is completed there. They have a total of forty employees that includes seven outside sales personnel. The service department utilizes four service trucks and one tow truck.

The next step The Truck Shop took was to become a trailer distributor and is now a distributor for Vanguard Trailers, and J & J Trailers.

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